Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming Attractions: Miami Manhunt

Coming attractions 2008: Miami Manhunt
Here's a sneak preview for the cover of my second novel, Miami Manhunt, which will be published July 2008.

One star.
That's what Miami News resident movie critic Ray Martinez would give the local dating scene. He wants to meet a guy to take home to his Cuban mami and papi - but can real romance live up to his Hollywood fantasies? After a week of screening the latest movies, Ray looks forward to meeting up with his friends - local TV reporter Ted Williams and singer Brian Anderson - every Friday night at Score, not just a place but a frame of mind. At South Beach's most happening gay bar, these friends check out the most beautiful Latin men and catch up on their lives.
Over the course of one wild year, love gets crazy, hearts get broken and mended, and Ray, Ted, and Brian will find life changing in ways they never expected...

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