Friday, October 10, 2008

Hispanic Heritage Month en Boston

The Globe recently hosted a panel discussion featuring journalists from New England's Hispanic press communnity which includes print, the Web and broadcast TV. I was honored to be one of the panelists along with Alberto Vasallo III of El Mundo newspaper; Yadires Nova-Salcedo of WBZ-TV Channel 4 and Encuentro Latino on Telemundo, and Marcela Garcia of El Planeta newspaper here in Boston. Longtime Boston community advocate and proud Puerto Rican Jose Masso was our moderator. We represent all shades, cultures, and mediums in Boston and it's rare that we all get together and talk about our news industry and being Latinos in Boston.
This was the first official presentation/party by the budding New England chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Association which I am a member of. After the discussion, we partied at the paper, with salsa dancers, music, food and logs of flan. Too much flan.

Below is a video of the panel discussion and party afterward. (Although I'm featured on the panel throughout the video, you can hear me talk about the importance of the event at the 2:03 minute mark. Yes, I'm naturally this giddy!) Thank you to Russell Contreras, our chapter president, for pulling this together and capturing it on video. We have something to pass down to future Hispanic journalists in New England.


And up on top is some extra footage of me babbling, thanks to Russell, the NPR-ish interviewer.

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