Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blast from the past: The Real World Miami

A broadcast TV friend who is a big fan of The Real World sent me these old Real World Miami clips which feel like another lifetime (and hairstyle) ago compared to the new Real World cast. If you watch closely in the clips you'll see a younger familiar face with a crew cut wondering what the heck is he doing in this crazy house with seven complete opposites off the Venetian causeway and dating Dan Renzi.

In the video below, I appear in the beginning and then later on at 10:38.

In this one, I appear at the 4:12 mark.


  1. Ah, those crazy cast members and the memories. Even though I knew before this you were a "guest star" on Real World, it STILL trips me out.

    Loved the hair cut though!

  2. The camera movements were making me nauseated. I really liked Boston Boys Club, I am glad I bought it.