Sunday, January 25, 2009

In the January/February issue of Boston Spirit magazine, there's a cover story, titled "News Flash: They're out!" which highlights some gay journalists.
Among those featured: Channel 7's Randy Price and Ryan Schulteis, The Globe's Emily Sweeney and me. Here is a portion of the article where I'm featured. A big thank you to Boston Spirit for including me in the article. The photo of me in the piece was shot at El Oriental de Cuba restaurant in Jamaica Plain which is also the setting for my forthcoming novel, Beantown Cubans. To read the article, click on the images.

Pictured below are Randy Price, Ryan Schulteis and Emily Sweeney.


  1. I saw you in that article. GREAT article and I must say you looked as handsome as ever!

    Much continued success!

    Dave, WGB

  2. Hey Johnny,

    It's Jenn with Boston Spirit. Glad you enjoyed the feature, and thanks for participating!

    I'm glad you identified the Cuban restaurant, I noticed the word "Cuba" on the window behind you in the photo, and I've been meanig to look online for the restaurant. I lived in Key West for years and fell in love with Cuban food...can't wait to try it! :)

    Good luck with the new book, and take care!