Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Gabriel, my newest character in Take The Lead, my fourth novel

Popular college professor Gabriel Galan has a job he adores in Boston, a
hot young lover, and a buddy who goes along on pub crawls and Star Trek
nights alike. But Gabriel wants more.

When Gabriel's stubbornly independent father needs help managing his
Parkinson's disease, Gabriel takes on more than he bargained for, and his
smooth-cruising life is about to take a sharp turn as he teeters on the
edge of a new crush on Adam, his father's physical therapy dance class

Gabriel has always yearned for a co-pilot on his journey through life, but
first he needs to take the lead and navigate the troubled waters of his own

The dance class for people with Parkinson’s is inspired by a real class I wrote an article about for The Boston Globe two years ago. The above photo is from that front page. (Since the article is behind a new paywall, you can read it in its entirety for free on this Parkinson Research Foundation link. )

I look forward to introducing you to Gabriel and his circle of family and friends (who include guys from the Boston Boys Club, Beantown Cubans and Miami Manhunt) this summer when my fourth novel is published.

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