Saturday, March 12, 2011

To my loyal book readers/amigos, I am exploring a fifth novel. Question: Is there a particular main character/secondary character from one of my three previous novels whom you believe should have his own book? Or would you want to see a whole new character? Again, Take the Lead has a new character named Gabriel, a gay Cuban college writing professor in Boston so he doesn't count... just yet.


  1. How about further exploring the Ray and Ronnie relationship from "Miami Manhunt"?

    And I've always loved the Tommy/Rico and the Ray/Rasco dynamics.

  2. Thanks T!
    I wrote a sample chapter in the voice of Ronnie in Boston and I introduced a new friend who inspires him to get out of Boston and discover another culture. The idea is still baking in my head. The risk I run with Ronnie is that he may sound like a younger Tommy Perez (both reporters, both Cuban, both from Miami, both in Boston).
    I am beginning to think I've exhausted the gay-Cuban-from-Miami-in-Boston thing. :)

  3. PS
    In "Take the Lead" my main character Gabriel and his wingman Nick from Providence have a similar strong and fun friendship as Tommy/Rico from Boston Boys Club. The chapters with Gabriel and Nick out in Boston, Quincy and Providence are really funny.

  4. I like that idea. And with Ronnie being a bit younger, a desire for a career change or even a change of scenery will be great motivation to get him out of Boston and hopefully alleviate your concerns about him sounding like Tommy -- which I never thought as I was reading "MM".

    As for the gay Cuban-from-Miami-in-Boston thing...I'm probably biased because I really like Boston and your perspective of it, but I like your cast of characters and their stories.

  5. PS to your PS -- I can't wait to read it. When does it come out?

  6. Thanks Terrence. Ronnie may be my new character afterall. With all the troubles of the newspaper industry, he realizes that being 24is a good time to switch careers and start anew.

    Take the Lead comes out in June.

  7. Thanks Johnny. I look forward to your interview with Ronnie. :)

  8. Hi Johhny! I'm a huge fan of your work, and of course I have all your current books. I will run to get your new one in June as soon as it comes out!!

    Anyhow, I love Tommy, he's my favorite. I guess I can relate to him, even though I'm not Cuban. I tend to react to things the way Tommy does. I really enjoy your use of Miami in your books along with Boston, it's a cool contrast.

    While I love Tommy, I'm wondering if his story has been told? I'm thinking it would be fun to meet some new characters. I like Ray too, perhaps some more on him?

    Just some background on me, I live in Central MA, outside of Worcester. Boston is 1 hour from me, but I don't go that often! I have a partner now who lives in NYC so I head that way every other weekend. But I know Boston well, and used to go to Club Cafe, particulary on Pride Day in June.

    Thank you very much, I really enjoy your writing!!

  9. Hi acoolerclimate!
    Thanks for the post and for reading my books.
    I agree: I do feel that Tommy's story has been told (in Boston Boys Club and then Beantown Cubans and on this blog.)
    He will appear briefly in a few chapters in "Take The Lead." He's the key to a big develoment in the novel. But this is Gabriel's book.
    I also feel that I have told Ray Martinez's story (from Miami Manhunt.)
    Which leaves....Ronnie Reyes his love interest. I am currently developing a book around his story (where he leaves off in Miami Manhunt and winds up in Boston.)
    Email me your address so I can alert you of future book news.


    I've been to Worcester once this past summer and had some great drinks on Canal Street.