Thursday, June 13, 2013

Must See TV in Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Yes, I'm a TV geek, the guy who enjoys looking at the ratings as if they were sports scores.  In that spirit, here's a look at the most watched TV shows in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market for the week of June 3-June 9. 
Of note: The Miami Heat games sizzle for ABC affiliate WPLG , boosting its 11 p.m. newscast on game nights. While telenovelas continue to heat ratings up for the Spanish language networks, Telemundo is also on a high note thanks to La Voz Kids (#13 with 166,000 total viewers) -  that's the younger and Spanish version of NBC's popular The Voice singing competition but with Paulina Rubio in the center red spinning chair.  WSVN-Ch. 7's 10 p.m. newscast (June 5) was #25 for the week with 137,000 viewers.

Here are some of the top programs. Numbers listed as total viewers.

 1 . WPLG-Ch. 10,  NBA Final Game 2  (June 9)              901,000 
 2. WPLG-Ch.10, NBA Game 1                                      877,000 
 3. TNT, NBA Playoffs (June 3)                                     874,000
 4. WPLG-Ch.10,  Pre-Game 1 Special                           403,000
 5.  WPLG-Ch. 10, Pre-Game 2 Special                          298,000
 5.  WPLG-Ch. 10, 11 p.m. News (June.9)                      296,000
 7.  TNT, NBA Playoffs Pregame (June.3)                       291,000
 8.   WPLG-Ch. 10, Pregame Special (June 6)                 200,000
 9.   WSCV-Ch. 51, Caso Cerrado court show                    188,000
10. WSCV-Ch. 51, La Patrona (telenovela)                     174,000   
11. WLTV-Ch. 23, Amores Veradaderos (telenovela)        167,000
11. WSCV: Ch. 51,  La Voz Kids                                        166,000

source: Nielsen

And for the Boston market....
And yes, I still check in on the Boston market (where I covered local TV news from 2007-2012). Here are the most watched programs in Boston for the week of June 3-June 9.

1.  NBCS  NHL Conference (June 7)        1.021 million (total viewers)
2.  NBCS NHL Conference (June 3)         891,000
3.  NBCS NHL Conference (June 5)         859,000
4.  NBCS NHL Live Post Game (June 7)  436,000
5.  WBZ-CBS  60 Minutes                        294,000
6.  NESN  MLB Baseball                          276,000
6.  WFXT-FOX Sat Baseball                    274,000
8.  NESN MLB Baseball                           257,000
9.  NBCS NHL Live Post Game (June 3)  235,000
10. WBZ-CBS Tony Awards                    231,000
10.  HBO Games of Thrones                     229,000


  1. Fellow TV Guy here.

    It's interesting how, with the Celtics not in the finals, Boston viewers turn to hockey.

    And how there's so little scripted TV making the top rankings in either market.

    Ever think of writing more about TV on here?

  2. Thanks Terrence!
    I think more folks are watching their TV shows online (laptop or tablet) or on their smartphone and that's not reflected in the live Nielsen rankings (which I get.)
    For example, my end of the day fix is The Bold and the Beautiful (online). My digital viewing of that soap doesn't count towards the live TV viewing rating in the Nielsen ranking I posted here. And Boston viewers flock to whatever sports team is doing well in that market at that time. It's one of the things I miss about Beantown.

  3. Comment part II: Terrence, also look at the different viewing patterns between Miami and Boston. Miami is very heavy on telenovelas and Boston seems to love 60 Minutes.

  4. Oh how did I miss "60 Minutes"?! It snuck in there amidst all the sports.

    Funny about the Boston market. It's such a sport town. So I'm quite surprised "The Tony Awards" did so well -- pleasantly surprised because it's the best-produced and most entertaining of all the award shows.

    I agree with you re: Nielsen. Unless the advertisers are similar, it doesn't make any sense incorporating online in with live TV viewing. I actually think they should be measured separately by Nielsen since we're also talking about two different buying methodologies anyway.

    I'm glad you still have a foot in Boston. ;)

    I'd love to see more of this. I love local stuff -- especially such great media markets as Boston and Miami.

    And I think broadcast TV is only going to survive with live events (sports, awards, etc.) and limited-run special event programming.