Friday, September 20, 2013


And book #5 is done! Last chapter written. Now comes the really fun part - revising it.
This is why it has taken me longer to write this book than the previous four.

Providence footnote: By the way, my first introduction (visually before I moved to Boston) was the former NBC series "Providence" which ran from Jan. 1999 to Dec. 2002 (before NBC prematurely canceled it even though the series won its timeslot every week, averaging 10 million viewers but I'm not bitter. Nah.) 

 My friends knew NOT TO CALL me on Friday nights between 8 and 9 p.m. because I'd be sitting in front of my TV watching this family drama which followed Dr. Sydney Hansen, her sister, brother and father as they move on from the loss of their mother (who died in the first episode). But each episode opened up with a  funny dream sequence between Sydney and her mom (Concetta Tomei) and that set the theme for the episode which often involved Sydney (played by Melina Kanakaredes) balancing her love life with her professional one and family issues.  One of my favorite parts of the show was the opening intro which showed aerial slices of Providence (the small downtown, the winding river, the sweeping views of the neighborhoods during Fall) and the actors in their roles.
Below is the intro to the show. When it aired on NBC, Chantal Kreviazuk's version of "In My Life" played. But for some reason (even in the DVD collection which was a gift from an old friend, best-gift ever Rene Rodriguez), producers present a different s-l-o-wer, downer of a song. (Maybe the rights to The Beatles song only extended to the show's original broadcasts and not in reruns, DVD or digital?)  So watch the intro but listen to Chantal's song over it. Chantal's angelic, soulful voice beautifully matches the spirit of the show - you can go home again and start over.


  1. Feel free to be bitter at NBC, it was a stupid move on their part to cancel the show. Of course they've made 100 more bonehead movies in that time, which makes them a lot of fun to criticize.

    Have you figured out how you're going to publish?

  2. Thanks Terrence. I am half way through the edits. I want to have a finished copy before deciding what to do with the final manuscript (shop it around or self-publish).