Thursday, April 23, 2015

More than words

For bilingual speakers, do you feel things more in one language than another? Does saying I love you mean more in English than Te Amo?  I wrote an article on a Florida Atlantic University doctoral student who is exploring the issue.

As someone who learned Spanish first and then began speaking English in Head Start at Biscayne Elementary and then kindergarten at North Beach Elementary, I find that I feel things more in English, perhaps because I'm more dominant in it and use it 99.5 percent of the day.

I usually speak Spanish with my family (really, my dad at night or my aunt and uncle when I see them) or when I find that someone prefers to Spanish in my everyday travels.

But certain profanity or derogatory words in Spanish turn me off more than curse words in English probably because I don't hear those Spanish words as often. They seem to sting more. No se por que! 

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