Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Taking a bite out of the Burger Museum

McDonald's characters (Hamburglar, Grimace), the Burger King and all have a home at the Burger Beast Burger Museum, an ode to all things fast-food restaurants.

The museum, a 1,500-foot square space at Magic City Casino in Miami, features vintage glasses, mugs, notepads, napkins, name tags, wrappers - you name it! - from famous and former fast-food joints in South Florida and beyond.  I wrote a story about the museum for my paper the Sun Sentinel.

Walking through the museum was like taking a stroll through my childhood when my parents treated my sister and me to Sunday lunches at Burger King or a quick dinner at McDonald's on Thursdays. (I always ordered a cheeseburger and chocolate shake from both places. Come to think of it, I did the same at Cuban restaurants in Miami - Puerto Sagua, Versailles, etc.)

I also remember the BK cashiers wearing bright orange and brown uniforms at BK and using microphones to repeat orders. And those catchy Saturday morning McDonald's commercials where groups of friends (mostly elementary school-age girls) went to lunch at McDonald's on the weekends after a school event.

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