Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comcast courts Hispanic viewers

My book review of America Anonymous

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  1. I should have left this comment here...but I got a little pissed with the comments left on the globe.
    I've always lived in Miami and I've never felt discriminated, but I see that discrimination and racism are still an issue in some places.
    My parents are immigrants in my country and I'm also an immigrant. I'm a minority in many ways...woman, immigrant and Hispanic...but I don't feel that way...
    This is what I wrote in the Globe:
    This is great for the Hispanics. The non-Hispanics can pick another package. What's the big deal? Yes, I might be biased because I am Hispanic. The truth? I don't watch TV in Spanish. I watch the news from my country online. We have to be a little more tolerant, however, I'm with you when it comes to learn the language; I've been here only 8 years and I learned it...
    We all have the right to preserve our culture...this is the beauty of this country.
    Un beso de la loca de Miami