Saturday, January 1, 2011

From a reader

Every now and then, a nice surprise appears in my inbox: A letter from a reader. These letters are dear to me and I have kept every single one since my first novel Boston Boys Club was published in 2007. I wanted to share this letter that I received this morning on New Year's Day (it made my day) because the reader really understood what I try to convey in each of my novels. I hope you all walk away with a similar message after reading one of my books.

Hi Johnny,
I just this morning finished your novel 'Beantown Cubans.' The last chapter brought tears to my eyes when your mother says goodbye to you for the last time in your dreams. I loved this book because it speaks to the great platonic friendships that gay men have in their lives and how important it is to have them and not just lovers and sex, which seem to define us to so many people, including ourselves at times. It also speaks to family and the love of ones own culture and ethnicity.

I have 'Boston Boys Club' here on the coffee table and will start to read it today. So I have finished one of your books and I am beginning another. I think it is a nice way to start a new year. Thank you for your sharing your talent with us all. Happy New Year.

John B.
Newton, MA