Wednesday, September 23, 2020

More from the Heart

My editors at the New York Times asked me recently to share my open heart surgery and what that experience was like in the middle of a pandemic. This is a different version from my previous blog post on how I discovered the aortic aneurysm and how I went about getting it repaired.

In the new piece, I dive into the decision making process of holding off on surgery (for months) because of the coronavirus crisis. Other patients are doing the same, delaying important procedures. I also highlight the various coronavirus protocols I observed during my five-day hospital stay at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach where I had the surgery. 

Below is the print version of the piece which was published Sept. 23 in the A section.  In case you are wondering, I am doing well. I still have some chest soreness which is expected and should last a few more weeks.  The scar on my chest is healing well. I've already become used to it.  Once the soreness is gone, I will able to run (and sleep on my side again.)


  1. Very impressive to have an article commissioned by the NYT editors - way to go, Johnny. As ever, Roderick

  2. Johnny, how is life and how is the breastbone? Any chance of a new post AFTER the election? Roderick

    1. Hi Roderick! The breastbone has healed. No more chest pain/soreness and I have begun running and lifting light weights. :) I will definitely have a post in a few days.