Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Facebook and your boss, ah, awkward?

Here's a story I wrote for The Globe on the growing collision between our personal and professional worlds.

To read the story and other people's work and personal encounters on facebook, click here. And here's story on what to do when you have too many friends online: story "Nice To Delete You" from two years ago that I wrote on how to de-friend people online.

I spoke about the story on NECN (New England Cable News), discussing the fuzzy lines of facebook and the workplace.

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  1. Through a series of clicks on websites, I got a site that prompted me to go to a Facebook page, and then I got a ominous warning that I've visited an unauthorized page and if I do it again, I'll be drawn and quartered or sent to Guantanamo. Maybe not that, but workplaces have to really lighten up and evaluate web usage in a more humane way. (I don't even have a Facebook page.)