Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Am I Reading?

I am often asked, "What are you reading?" since I read so much, almost a book every week or every two weeks. Yes, I'm that voracious of a reader. I'm that guy who totes a book to the gym so I can sway to the left and right as I read on the elliptical machine. (Hey, it makes 40 minutes of cardio fly by.) I also carry a book with me everywhere I go (subway rides, trips to the Barnes and Noble cafe and Wendy's on weekends or on flights to Miami when I visit.) I feel naked when I don't have a book on me. My Jeep has also become a large filing cabinet of books that I've read. I also read each night before I go to bed (the book usually falls on my face when I pass out.)
I find that I read the most during the fall and winter. I enjoy the pure escapism of curling up with a good book and experiencing another character's life. That's why I am so giddy knowing that so many of my favorite authors are releasing books in the next few weeks.
Here's my list of books that I am reading or about to read:

"Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks. (I'm almost done. 40 pages left. Think "Sleeping With The Enemy" without Julia Roberts. I've read all his books and I look forward to each October when he releases another tear-jerker. This one is more suspenseful than his usual love stories as if he were channeling Dean Koontz.

"Three Kings: A Christmas Dating Story" by Alisa-Valdes Rodriguez. I've read all her books (and her former LA Times and Boston Globe articles.) Her first novel, The Dirty Girls Social Club, inspired me to write Boston Boys Club.

"Me" by Ricky Martin. I've been a lifelong fan of the Puerto Rican singer. I'm curious to read how he tells his own his story.

"Eyes of The Innocent"
by Brad Parks. Brad and I were roommates in Somerville when we were college summer interns at The Boston Globe and we're still friends. I love how he mixes his humor with a good mystery so I am looking forward to his second novel.

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