Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boston and Miami TV, by the numbers

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull didn't just rock Univision's "Premios Juventud" (Youth Awards) show on July 21. They also rocked the ratings. The show was the most watched program in South Florida where it drew 321,000 total viewers. Viewers favored live shows the week of July 15-July 21 in Miami/Fort Lauderdale TV market.  The awards show was followed by Telemundo's "La Voz Kids" (219,000 viewers) and Univision's "Sal y Piemienta (Salt and Pepper, a gossipy entertainment dish show which was #6 with 166,000 viewers.  On a side note, it's interesting to see how the viewing patterns of my elderly Cuban parents and my aunt and uncle mirror those of the general market. Also of note, CBS's "Big Brother" was the most watched English-language show (#20 with 109,000 viewers)  as well as WSVN-Ch. 7's 10 p.m. newscast (#25 with 106,000).

Over in Boston, a mix of sports, reality TV, news and scripted programming (CBS's "Under the Dome") rounded out the top 10. Of note, HBO's "True Blood" came in #18 with 126,000 viewers and Disney's "Teen Beach Movie" came in #26 with 116,000 viewers (probably mostly kids and their parents.)  

Here's the breakdown of the top 10 shows for both markets:


1. NESN               Mjr. League Baseball   313,000
2. ESPN                 Mjr. League Baseball   301,000
3. WHDH-NBC   America's Got Talent    292,000
4. WFXT-FOX    Mjr. League Baseball    263,000
5. WBZ-CBS       NCIS                           197,000
5. WHDH-NBC   America's Got Talent    197,000
7. WFXT-FOX    All Star Pre Game        193,000
8. WBZ-CBS       Under the Dome           186,000
9.  WBZ-CBS      60 Minutes                   179,000
10. WCVB-ABC  The Bachelorette         166,000
11. WBZ-CBS      Big Bang Theory         156,000


1. WLTV-UNI     Premios Juventud          321,000
2. WSCV-TEL     La Voz Kids                 219,000
3. WLTV-UNI     Amores Verdaderos      199,000
4. WLTV-UNI     Amores Verdaderos      182,000
5. WLVT-UNI     Amores Verdaderos      175,000
6. WLTV-UNI    Sal y Pimienta                 166,000
7. WLVT-UNI    Sabado Gigante              159,000
8. WSCV-TEL    Senor de los Cielos        148,000
8. WLTV-UNI    Amores Verdaderos       146,000
8. WLTV-UNI    Porque El Amor             145,000
11. WLTV-UNI  Porque El Amor             141,000

source: Nielsen


  1. Do the English-language broadcast networks even try to compete with the Spanish-language broadcast stations in terms of producing programming appealing to Spanish speakers or bilinguals in Miami?

    As for Boston, broadcast was pretty dominant. Who was playing in those games? Is this a rare win for NESN?

  2. Thanks Terrence!
    The English-language affiliates focus on local news, Sunday morning political/community shows and entertainment/celebrity shows. They're not aimed at Spanish-speakers.
    In Boston, those NESN games are naturally Red Sox games :)