Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What you watched in Miami and Boston

Erick Elias stars in "Por que el Amor Manda" on Univision

Seductions, betrayals and oh, some breaking news out of Sanford led the week in TV ratings for the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market. Univision and Telemundo dominated with their telenovelas. Of note, news of the Zimmerman trial verdict had folks tuning into WSVN-Ch. 7, which had the second most watched program with 187,000 total viewers at 10 p.m. July 13. People also tuned into CNN for its coverage (which ranked #14 for the week with 139,000 viewers.) Also of note, VH-1's "Love and Hip Hop" ranked #18 with 125,000 viewers.

 Here are the top 10 most watched shows for the week of July 8-14.

1. WLTV-UNI Amores Verdaderos 191,000 total viewers
2. WSVN-FOX Channel 7 Weekend News 187,000 
3. WSCV-TEL La Voz Kids 178,000
4. WSCV-TEL La Patrona 173,000
5. WSCV-TEL La Patrona 167,000
6. WLTV-UNI Porque El Amor 164,000
6. WLTV-UNI Amores Verdaderos 162,000
8 WLTV-UNI Amores Verdaderos 158,000
9. WLTV-UNI Porque El Amor 154,000
10. WLTV-UNI Amores Verdaderos 149,000

 And in Boston, baseball (surprise!), reality TV and CBS's Under the Dome and reruns locked in the top ratings spots.
1. NESN Mjr. League Baseball 261,000 total viewers
2. WBZ-CBS NCIS 239,000
3. WHDH-NBC America's Got Talent 221,000
4. WHDH-NBC America's Got Talent 207,000
5. WBZ-CBS Under the Dome 194,000
6. WCVB-ABC The Bachelorette 184,000
7. WBZ-CBS Big Bang Theory 171,000
8. WFXT-FOX Master Chef 155,000
9. WCVB-ABC Rookie Blue 149,000
10. WBZ-CBS Big Brother 142,000
10. NESN Mjr. League Baseball 140,000
10. WCVB-ABC SHREK 140,000
10. TNT Rizzoli and Isle 140,000
source: Nielsen


  1. It's so interesting that with such big local news in Miami, only the FOX affiliate ranked among all the telenovelas. Is news on that FOX station dominant in the market? Or were they just first to break?

    As for Boston, it's interesting that every broadcast network has representation in the Top 10.

  2. Thanks Terrence.
    The Miami Fox affiliate is WSVN-Ch. 7, which is ratings-dominant among the English-language stations.
    WSVN also has the only local 10 p.m. newscast.

  3. Ah...makes sense. So they were probably the only station on air at the time the verdict was rendered.

    It's funny -- every time a station airs on Channel 7, I always think it's an ABC station.