Friday, August 9, 2013

Boston/Miami's Most Watched

New England Sports Network's Red Sox broadcasts dominated Boston TV ratings last week, locking up eight of the most watched programs July 29-Aug.4. The top rated network show was news magazine program "60 Minutes" which came in 9th with 236,000 total viewers. And TNT's "Rizzoli & Isle" came in #16 with 161,000. (Hmm...could that have anything to do with the fact that the show is fictionally set in Boston? It's filmed in Los Angeles though.)

Meanwhile down south, football and Spanish soaps scored the most viewers in Miami/Fort Lauderdale.  Of note, VH-1's "Love and Hip Hop" came in #24 with 126,000 and WSVN-Ch. 7's 10 p.m. newscast  came in #28 with 115,000 viewers. And William Levy's new telenovla "La Tempestad" popped in at #12  with 137,000. Here's the breakdown for the two markets:


1.   NESN           Extra Innings  302,000 
2.   NESN           MLBaseball   289,000
2.   NESN           MLBaseball   286,000
4.   NESN            MLBaseball   278,000
5.   NESN            MLBaseball   264,000
6.   NESN            Extra Innings  258,000
6.   NESN            MLBaseball   255,000
8.  NESN             ML Baseball  242,000
9.  WBZ-CBS       60 Minutes    236,000
10. WHDH-NBC  AGTalent      230,000


1. WTVJ-NBC    NFL Kickoff           314,000
2. WTVJ-NBC    NLF Kickoff           285,000
3. WSCV-TEL    Senor de los Cielos  177,000
3. WSCV-TEL    Marido en Alqr        174,000
5. WSCV-TEL    Marido en Alqr        172,000
6. WSCV-TEL    Senor de los Cielos  162,000
7. WSCV-TEL    Marido en Alqr        155,000
7. WLTV-UNI    Que Bonito Amor    153,000
9. WSCV-TEL    Senor de los Cielos  150,000
9. WSCV-TEL    Senor de los Cielos  149,000
11. WLTV-UNI  Sabado Gigante        145,000

source: Nielsen


  1. Is the ridiculous CBS/Time Warner blackout affecting Miami? I thought it was an affected market but I can't seem to find where I read that or what the affected markets are outside of LA, NY and Dallas.

    If so, does Time Warner have much market share down there?

  2. Hi Terrence. The blackout isn't affecting Miami.

  3. I figured it out! It was Boston. ha! Fortunately, I believe Comcast has a dominant market share in that area so it's probably not as much of an issue there as it is in NY and LA.