Friday, March 7, 2014

Ellen delivers in Boston

Oscar selfie most shared around the world

And the Oscar goes to...WCVB! The 86th Academy Awards broadcast on the ABC affiliate drew 1.028 million total viewers in the Boston TV market where the show was the most watched program of the week between Feb. 24 and last Sunday. The broadcast performed slightly lower than last year's show, which had 1.038 million viewers.

This year's pre-shows also rocked the red carpet; those broadcasts ranked 2nd, 3rd and 6th of the week's top shows thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and company.  (If you remember back in 2010, WCVB was the first station to announce that Ellen's daytime show would replace Oprah's.)

Also of note,  AMC's "The Walking Dead" stood tall in the ratings coming in #8 with 305,000 viewers. It was the only cable show to crack Boston's top 30 in prime time.

Here's a look at the most recent ratings from Feb. 24  last Sunday.

  1. WCVB-ABC  Oscars 1,028 million total viewers.
  2. WCVB-ABC Oscars red carpet (8 to 830 p.m.) 748,000
  3. WCVB-ABC Oscars red carpet (730 to 8 p.m.) 483,000
  4. WBZ-CBS Big Bang Theory 451,000
  5. WBZ-NCIS 442,000
  6. WCVB-ABC Oscars red carpet (7-730 p.m.) 392,000
  7. WCVB-ABC Modern Family 315,000
  8. AMC Walking Dead 305,000
  9. WBZ-CBS NCIS:LA 289,000
10. WHDH-NBC The Voice 280,000

source: Nielsen

And for the top Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV ratings for the same week...

  1.  WPLG-ABC  Oscars 610,000 total viewers.
  2.  WCVB-ABC Oscars red carpet (8 to 830 p.m.)372,000
  3.  WCVB-ABC Oscars red carpet (730 to 8 p.m.)238000
  4.  WLTV-Univision Nuestra Belleza 204,000
  5.  WSCV: Telemunda Santa Diabla (telenovela) 179,000
  6.  WCVB-ABC Oscars red carpet (7-730 p.m.)172,000
  7.  TNT-NBA 155,000
 7.  WFOR-CBS NCIS 154,000
  9. WLTV-Univision Sal y Pimienta (gossip show) 152,000
 10. SUN FOX NBA 143,000

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