Monday, April 25, 2016

The Art of Listening

Univision's Sunday evening news program Aqui y Ahora (Here and Now) which is like a Spanish version of 60 Minutes recently profiled Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols who is best known as la doctora of Spanish radio. The story was called The Art of Listening because that's what she's been doing for decades.

I've listened to Isabel over the years on the radio and online as she doled out advice to anyone willing to call her and reach out with their problems. And I've written about her over the years in The Boston Globe and at the Sun Sentinel. because it's obvious I follow her show.

So it was nice to see her on Univision telling her own story and talking about her own recent challenges:  She lost her national radio job and discovered a tumor in her kidney.  Still, she overcame them with her sunny optimism and grace.

You can see her tell her own story here from the Univision broadcast.

On a side note, doesn't she look like Julie Andrews? I always thought she looked like a Cuban version of her.

Below is a screen grab from when she played herself on CBS' The Bold and The Beautiful in 2002.

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