Thursday, April 24, 2008

Felicidades: It's a paperback

Sometimes, when you least expect it, something good happens.
Boston Boys Club (May 2007), and Miami Manhunt (July 2008)will have a literary sibling.
My third novel, Beantown Cubans (working title) has been sold and will be published in mid-2009.
This book is a sequel of sorts to Boston Boys Club but with a new narrrator named Carlos, a Cuban teacher from Miami who moves to Boston to start over. The other narrator: Tommy Perez, the newspaper reporter from the first book, returns as well but serves as a secondary character helping Carlos adjust to Cambridge and his new job in Dorchester. The book celebrates their friendship, their Beantown brotherhood, but also follows the different paths they take as they mourn old relationships and forge new ones. I'm very proud of the news and wanted to share it with visitors to this teeny tiny little blog, which will have to eventually be renamed to something other than Beantown Cuban.