Monday, June 16, 2008

Miami Manhunt in the news

Fugues magazine, Canada: Following Boston Boys Club, Johnny Diaz explores the lives of three men looking for love that goes beyond superficiality. A light novel that highlights the complexities of these men. Amusing!

In Los Angeles magazine > Diaz made a name for himself with the bestselling Boston Boys Club. He changes location to Miami in this hilarious second novel about a movie critic named Ray Martinez.

Echo magazine, Phoenix, AZ: This is an extremely well written, light novel, with likeable characters who grow emotionally throughout the book. I give it a score of a full five stars out of five.

Orange County and Long Beach Blade: Miami Manhunt Sparkles in South Beach A Miami Native Comes Home

Edge New England: Cuban Culture Meets Gay Literature in ’Miami Manhunt’

The New England Blade published a nice article on Miami Manhunt. An excerpt: "I thought I should do a book about Miami, about being gay in Miami,” says Diaz. “I don’t think there are any gay novels that look at Miami from a Latino point of view.” (A quick search on proves this, though if anyone knows of any such novels, please, let us know.)

Out In Jersey magazine: "Miami Manhunt is deep, poignant and a lot of fun to read. It is sexy, inviting and very well-written. Diaz, a gay Hispanic fiction writer, brings a unique perspective to the burgeoning genre of gay men’s literature."

InsightOut Books: "This scorching beach read from Boston Boys Club author Johnny Diaz is hotter than a day in the South Beach sun!..."

From La Bloga "Are there emerging themes that you see yourself being drawn to? What are they and how would you like to address them? I enjoy writing about family and the dynamics of sibling relationships when one is gay or of a different gender. That has been a running theme in both books and in my third book (which I am currently writing.) Family is a universal theme that anyone can relate to and I plan to keep using it as a backbone for my novels because it resonates with my readers but most of all, with myself. I come from a large Cuban family where my aunts and uncles are second-parents and where my cousins are second-siblings."

From Instinct magazine: "Caliente...Whoever said Latin is a dead tongue never met these Papis."

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  1. I also saw a mention as a fun summer beach read in the new Instinct!