Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miami (and Boston's) Most Watched TV Shows

The NBA Finals between the Miami Heat/San Antonio Spurs, Telemundo's "La Voz Kids" reality singing competition and telenovela "La Patrona" were among the top programs in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market for the week of June 10-16. WPLG, the ABC affiliate, was the only English-language station to rank among the top 30 shows that week. Telemundo and Univision (with "Amores Verdaderos"  #17 with 139,000 total viewers) filled out the rest of the rankings.

Here's a look at the top 10. The numbers are listed as total viewers.

1. WPLG-ABC  Game 4                  892,000
2. WPLG-ABC  Game 5                  787,000
3. WPLG-ABC  Game 3                  753,000
4. WPLG-ABC  Pre-Game 3           332,000
5. WPLG-ABC Pre-Game 4            264,000
6. WSCV-ABC La Voz Kids           193,000
6. WPLG-ABC  Pre-Game 5           192,000
8. WSVC-TEL La Patrona               178,000
9. WSVC-TEL La Patrona               160,000
9. WPLG-TEL Pre-Game show        158,000
9. WSCV-TEL Pasion Prohibida      156,000

source: Nielsen

update: Thursday night's NBA finals with the Heat winning drew on average of 1.216 million total viewers (with a 28.4 rating point) in Miami/Fort Lauderdale. That means that 28.4 percent of all TV homes in the market were tuned into the game.

While the Heat burn up the ratings in South Florida, the Bruins and the Red Sox are heating things up in Boston. Sports along with reruns of CBS's scripted programs and fresh episodes of NBC talent shows round out the top 10 for the same week.

 1. WHDH-NBC NHL Finals         1.118 million
 2. NBCS NHL Stanley Cup              904,000
 3. WBZ-CBS 60 Minutes                 258,000
 4. WBZ-CBS Big Bang Th.              239,000
 5. WHDH-NBC The Voice              234,000
 6. NESN Major League BB             226,000
 7. WHDH-NBC AGTalent              224,000
 7. WHDH-NBC The Voice             223,000
 7. WBZ-CBS NCIS                        221,000
10. NESN ML BB                            216,000

For last week's round up, click here.

source: Nielsen


  1. Aside from basketball, is WPLG generally dominant in the Miami market?

    Interesting how WCVB doesn't factor AT ALL in the Top Ten (for reasons you mentioned last week), but do you know its highest placement for the week?

  2. Hi Terrence! Welcome back :)

    In Miami, WSVN-Ch. 7 (the sister station of WHDH-Ch.7 in Boston) is the dominant station, followed by WPLG.
    WPLG is a lot like WCVB in that it's the local legacy station.

    In Boston for that week, WCVB came in at #11 with 204,000 total viewers for the NBA Final Game 5 and then again at #11 (it tied itself) with 202,000 viewers for NBA Final Game 4, and then #14 with ABC's Bachelorette with 194,000 viewers.

  3. Ha! Thanks Johnny. It's always a pleasure to be here.

    Thanks for doing this again. I love reading about TV in your two home markets.

    Are you a PLG loyalist?