Friday, December 6, 2013

Sunday was must-see TV day in Miami and Boston

The most watched shows in South Florida last week happened on Sunday.  Whether it was CBS football, NBC football, "60 Minutes", NBA games, "The Good Wife" or Univision's tribute to late Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera, people stayed home in front of the tube over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Here's a round up of the most popular shows from last week that I posted on the Sun Sentinel website. 

In Boston, almost half of the top 10 most watched shows were also viewed on Sunday.  In fact, the top three shows mirrored those of the Miami market. WBZ-Ch.4's broadcast of the NFL game between the Cincinatti Benggals and San Diego Chargers led with 772,000 total viewers, followed by "60 Minutes" with 546,000 and CBS' football coverage. Other popular Sunday programs were CBS's "The Amazing Race" (#6 with 292,000 viewers), NBC Sunday Football (#7 with 285,00), "The Good Wife" (#17 with 226,000). ABC's "Once Upon A Time" (#18 with 220,000), Hallmark movie "Christmas in Conway'' on ABC (#24 with 183,000) and ABC's American Music Awards (#176,000.)

Here's the top list from the Boston market.

 1. WBZ-CBS  NFL 772,000
 2. WBZ-CBS  60 Minutes 546,000
 3. WBZ-CBS  NFL 449,000
 4. WHDH-NBC NFL 406,000
 5. WCVB-ABC  Dancing w/Stars 309,000
 6. WBZ-CBS  Amazing Race 292,000
 7. WHDH-NBC Sunday Football 285,000
 8. WHDH-NBC The Voice 253,000
 9. WBZ-CBS Big Bang Theory 246,000
 9. WCVB-ABC  Castle 245,000
 9. WBZ-CBS Rudolf the Reindeer 244,000
12. WHDH-NBC The Voice 242,000

source: The Nielsen Co.

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